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Nikita Khrushchev’s Teacher

Antonina G. Gladky Remembers
By Olga Gladky Verro

When you read “Nikita Khrushchev’s Teacher,” you virtually
live with her and enjoy her happy childhood in Old Russia;
Struggle with her during Revolution and Civil War years.
You observe her teaching in the Soviet schools and
witness education according to the Communist doctrine.
You meet her famous student, Nikita Khrushchev,
who later became Premier of Soviet Union.
You stand beside her and her husband
in their struggle to survive the adversities imposed
by the Soviet government on its people.
And you follow them from place to place
in their native Ukraine
to prevent her husband, a White Army veteran,
from being caught by the Soviet secret police.
You become a witness to their lives.
And suddenly… History is alive!

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Nikita Khrushchev’s Teacher

Antonina G. Gladky Remembers
By Olga Gladky Verro

          Nikita Khrushchev’s Teacher is a treasure of up-close, intensely personal story intertwined with history as lived, documented, and remembered by Antonina G. Gladky, one of the millions of women, caught in the whirlwind of catastrophic historical events of 20th century Russia and Soviet Union. The events, written and narrated, tell with authentic voice her life story that is personal in detail and historical in scope. They document how Russian Revolution, Communist Party, Bolsheviks totalitarian dictatorial regime, and Stalin’s bloody terror shaped her fate.
          Her memoirs have a rare bonus for inquisitive readers, history buffs, and historians. As a teacher, she presents unique insight into Nikita Khrushchev’s politically formative years as a communist politician and as a rising Party Leader.
          The story begins with the peaceful life of Antonina’s ancestors in Old Russia and her happy childhood growing up in a small provincial town in southeastern Ukraine. It brings to life the not-so-distant past with its rich details of daily life, customs and traditions that have been lost with time and vanished from the memory of new generations.


          World War One, Russian Revolution and Civil War brought chaos and destruction to the country, and suffering and loss of life to people from battles, hunger and disease. Antonina’s family tragedy struck at the time when she was starting her independent life as a teacher. But the course of her life had changed forever when she married Orest, her former student and White Army veteran, who returned home after fighting Reds to save his Motherland in the last battles for Crimea.
          After Bolsheviks have seized the power and established Soviet Union – the first socialist state – Antonina and Orest, like all the people in the country, became pawns of the Communist totalitarian regime. To keep its control over population the State used fear, terror and persecutions of suspected enemies, among them White veterans who were disenfranchised and declared to be “the enemies of the people.”
          Antonina’s family life became a struggle to survive not only the adversities imposed by the Soviet government on its people but also to prevent her husband being caught by the secret police. To evade inquiries into his White Army veteran past, they moved from place to place in their native Ukraine. Notwithstanding constant fear and tension, Antonina and Orest remained always true to their profession as educators.
          —Oliver W. Kellogg, Editor and Publisher:
          The Baudette (MN) Region – The Guttenberg (IA) Press.

Nikita Khrushchev’s Teacher is abridged from: In the Web of History: Old Russia and Soviet Union – Book One of Historical Family Memoirs, by Olga Gladky Verro.